Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at the Ranch

We spent Tuesday evening in the mountains at Mary Ann & Hugh's ranch. What a special beautiful place. As we sat at the dining room table we looked out the window and saw 4 deer by the pond. One was so curious that he walked right up to the truck that was parked right in front of the cabin.

Wednesday morning John and I took a walk up the mountain road and then back down to meet up with Hugh. We rode down to the stables and Hugh got the horses saddled up and ready for a ride to Cather cabin area. Rita, Mary Ann, Hugh, John, and I all mounted up and took about a 1 to 1 1/2 hour ride in the mountains. I am so proud of Rita - she doesn't remember ever riding a horse although she said that she has a picture of being on one when she was very small). For her to get on a horse at the age of 70 was very exciting for her and we were happy to be there to enjoy that with her. I can not even express in words how beautiful the sun was shining on the mountain - the sky is such a brilliant blue and every where you look is so panoramic. Once we arrived at Cather cabin's everyone went inside so Mary Ann and Hugh could show us there special little cabin nestled in the mountains. It was well worth the ride and the weather couldn't have been better for a winter day. Upon arriving back at the stables everyone packed up there things and we headed back down the mountain to Colorado Springs. John and I rode in the back end of the pickup truck on top of some hay bales so we had the best view of the surroundings.

On Wednesday evening everyone was invited to go to Linda's for supper. She made a very delicious meal and it was so nice to sit around and hear the Johnson girls tell tidbits of stories of growing up in the Johnson household. It was a very pleasant evening!

Upon arrival back at Mary Ann's everyone went to bed - we were all so tired from all the fresh air. On Thursday John and I will take the car and bike and go to the "Garden of the God's" and spend a good share of the day biking (if our legs can handle it). John and I have done 8 or so miles in the last two days of hiking in the mountains (up and down) and my leg muscles are quite sore today.

Hope everyone is doing well at home!

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