Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 25th from Monticello to Hole in the Rock to Moab to Arches National Park

We left Monticello this morning and headed towards Moab. Once again, the sun is shining and we are looking forward to a fun day! On our way we came upon a special tourist trap called "Hole in the Rock". If you are ever in the area you will need to stop and spend some time there. It is very interesting and here is the link:

Although I said it was a tourist stop they really only charged $5.00 per person to go on a tour of the home (if you decide to tour the home) and you could view everything else outside without any additional charge. Unusual for a tourist stop.

Besides the home, built in the rock, there are also some very interesting forms of sculptures outside made out of old tools, scrap iron, spark plugs, wrenches, license plates, pick axes and etc. welded together and sculpted into animals and also a jeep with steel wheels made from the scrap metals. The entire body of the jeep was covered with license plates from all over the U.S. I have attached several pictures of these items.
After spending some time there we headed for Moab and got a very nice reasonable hotel room. The first place we stopped at had a room with a king size bed for $55.00. We decided to go further into town and check what other hotels we could find - we wanted one that had a continental breakfast. We stopped at three other hotels and they all wanted $100.00 or more per night so we quickly drove back to the first one and booked it for three nights. There is a
"Jeep Safari" weekend going on so there are a lot of people coming to Moab this weekend to participate in that. Every where you look you see people in jeeps. You can also rent a jeep if you want.

From there we took a walk on the main street of Moab and spoke with a gentleman that told us that there is a road called Potash that is approximately 18 miles of paved road that a lot of bicyclist bike and it follows the Colorado River. John and I took our car to check it out and we are anxious to bike it tomorrow (weather permitting). The entire 18 miles follows the Colorado River on one side and rock cliffs on the other. There were a number of places that people were doing rock climbing so we stopped and watched them.

After that we headed up to Arches National Park and did several hikes there to a number of arches and then headed to a grocery store. We picked up a rotisserie chicken and salad and headed back to our room for a quiet evening! We are hoping for good weather tomorrow to go biking - otherwise we will probably head to Canyonland and take in some of the sights there.

Happy Trails!

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