Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 21st, 2010 - Zion to Page, Arizona to Panguitch, Utah

This morning we checked out of the Bumbleberry Inn and headed to Page, Arizona. We stopped at Carmel Junction and ate breakfast and put gas in the car. We had a 1:30 appointment for the tour. Upon arriving at Page at 10:45 we went to see if we could get on an earlier tour. They had room so John and I went on the 11:30 tour out to Antelope Canyon. We rode in the back of a pickup truck that had seating for 14 people. The first three miles was on paved roads but the last three were on a sand wash and quite bumpy and very soft and fine sand. I loved it!
We had seen pictures of Antelope Canyon but didn't think we would be seeing anything that was comparable to the pictures that had been taken by professional photographers. We were pleasantly shocked and surprised at this incredible 1/4 mile slot canyon. Words cannot describe the beauty of this slot canyon and the way it weaves through the canyon with some narrower passages (20 feet wide at the widest and 5 feet at the narrowest and probably 300 feet deep). There is light shining periodically from above that cast such a beautiful glow on the canyon walls. We took so many pictures but of course pictures don't show the depth and character of the rock as well as we had hoped. Martin was our guide and he was very informative and responded to all of our questions regarding the area and that canyon.
After our tour we went and had lunch and then went to Lake Powell and the dam and did some site seeing. After that we headed to Panguitch where we will spend the evening and then go to Bryce Canyon tomorrow morning.
Happy Trails!

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  1. These photos are spectacular! Who took the photo of the 2 of you? Hope we see these photos in a Blurb book sometime soon.