Friday, March 12, 2010

3-12-2010 Prescott Valley, AZ

Well, we decided to stay in Prescott Valley for a second night so we spent the day checking out the area. I would say it definitely has potential as a place to spend our winter months. The weather was perfect today reaching 55 degrees with no wind and nothing but sunshine. We slept in this morning and after having breakfast Kathi had some shopping she wanted to do. After that was out of the way we actually took our bike out for a short ride. We asked several people where we might find paved bike routes but nobody was of much help so we decided to get on the bike and just go. We hadn't gone 2 miles when a young lady stopped and asked if she could take our picture for the Prescott Valley Newspaper, of course, we agreed and she went on to ask where we were from, how long we've been here, etc, etc. So it sounds like we will make the local news. We had a very pleasant ride through a residential neighborhood until we got onto a road that had been recently resurfaced and had minor grooves running parallel with the road which made the bike handle a little strange. The back end tended to fishtail back and forth a little but not enough to cause any concern. We got off the resurfaced road and onto good road but the bike still handled the same way. Nuts! Anybody that rides a bike knows what that means. Sure enough we had a flat tire on the back wheel. No Problem, I carry a spare tube and a patch kit...but I didn't have a wrench a long to untighten the bolt that holds the drum break that we had installed last fall. Oh well, no big deal, we were within walking distance of the car and had the necessary tube, tire, and wrenches in the car. So we walked two miles back to the car, loaded up and drove to an area that had a park bench in the sun and a hard surface to work on where I changed the tube and tire and got us ready for our next ride. A flat tire in the first twenty miles of biking wasn't quite what we were hoping for , but it was good practice for the long haul this summer.

We went for a walk this evening to check out some of the local businesses and finally settled down to watch a movie in our hotel room about 7:00 this evening.

Tomorrow we will head to Wickenburg to spend the day with Lynn and Dick.
Happy Trails!

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