Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010 - Panguitch, Utah to Bryce Canyon to Tropic, Utah

We checked out of our hotel this morning and decided to make the 18 mile drive up to Panguitch Lake which turned out to be a very pretty drive. The lake was still froze - in fact there were ice shanty's on the lake yet. We went back to Panguitch and had a delicious breakfast (probably the best breakfast we have had in a restaurant since we left home).
From there we headed to Bryce Canyon and we decided to do a 3 mile hike from Sunrise Point to Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon. There is still snow there and so the hike in was a little slippery but not to bad. We were glad that we had our hiking boots on and our walking sticks along with us as we slipped and slided our way into the canyon. Once again the weather was fantastic with the sun shining and the views of the Hoodoo's all around us. At one point we were about a half a mile from the end of the hike and John decided that we should go on a different trail so that we would hike on the trail that Bryce Canyon has called Wall Street. This was a beautiful trail but as we started to climb up out of the canyon the path was very slippery. You literally had to take your boot and kick into the snow each step so that you wouldn't slide back down. We did this almost all the way back up on the trail until we got to the last few switchbacks that didn't have snow on them because the trail was exposes to the sun during the day.
Once we were done with the hike we decided to unload our bike and go for a short ride so that we could say that we biked in Bryce Canyon. Yes, our biking friends will understand this. We only biked about 3 miles because it was getting later in the day and it was getting colder (especially on the downhill rides).
From there we headed towards Escalante Canyon and we are spending the night in a little town called Tropic in Utah.
Tonight I am anxious to crawl in bed (to sleep). John finally wore me out today!
Happy Trails!

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