Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday, March 6th, 2009 - travel from Colorado Springs to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Last night Hugh and Mary Ann treated Rita, John, and I to a wonderful dinner at a German restaurant in Colorado Springs. The restaurant offered great food and wonderful entertainment - there were two gentleman that played German music and sang as they strolled around the restaurant. It was a wonderful experience - thank you very much Hugh and Mary Ann.

This morning we got up and loaded up the car to head towards Santa Fe. Mary Ann made a wonderful breakfast and afterwards it was time to say goodbye. John and I had such a wonderful time and really enjoyed every minute of our time in Colorado Springs. Thanks to Mary Ann, Hugh, Rita, and Linda - we made lots of memories in just a few days!

Upon leaving Colorado Springs we stopped at Linda's as she has some pictures for us to pick up. We walked in her front door and I immediately noticed movement out of her back patio door. Here there was a total of 11 deer (3 of the bucks had quite large racks) just wandering between the houses in Linda's subdivision. I was amazed at how they looked so calm and Linda tried to scare them to leave but they didn't budge. She said that the deer are almost a daily occurrence. Keep in mind that Linda lives right in Colorado Springs. Also during the week we saw a number of deer right down the road from Mary Ann and Hugh's home.

Around 9:00AM we said our goodbye's and headed towards the Royal Gorge. On our way we stopped in Canon City and actually went to a real estate office to just check out what that town had to offer as far as if someone was to snowbird in that area. We were surprised to hear that property tax in that area is very low. After viewing the Royal Gorge we headed along highway 50 to highway 69 - what a beautiful drive along the Arkansas river and the Sangre de Cristo mountains. There were a number of fisherman in the Arkansas River that were standing in the river with waders and fly fishing. As you drove along we enjoyed the river along with mountains on each side of the road. We also got to see a large herd of antelope quite close to the road.

We arrived in Santa Fe around 5:00PM and went and had dinner and then checked into the hotel. We are planning on going to mass tomorrow morning at 9:00 and then finding a visitor center to see if we can get a bike map from them to bike around Santa Fe. After that we will head to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I hear that Wisconsin is having some beautiful weather - that figures! lol

Enjoy your evening!

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