Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 - going to the cabin and stables today

This morning Hugh took John and I to a wonderful German bakery and deli where we picked up items to take up to the cabin. Then Hugh took us to the "Garden of the Gods" and drove us all around and we will be going back there later this week to bike it. Wow, it is so beautiful. Mary Ann went to Yoga this morning so as soon as she gets back we will get ready to go up to the cabins.

We arrived up at the cabin and stables around 10:00AM and Hugh and John unloaded the hay and fed the horses, elk, and buffalo's and showed us around the stables and pavilion. Then Hugh drove us about 1 1/2 miles further up the mountain and dropped us off at an incredible overlook of the valley. From there John and I walked back down to the cabin while Hugh went down to Colorado Springs to pick up Mary Ann and Rita and bring them up to the cabin. Once we arrived at the cabin John decided that we should start walking down the mountain to get some pictures and then Hugh will pick us up. Well, we ended up hiking a total of 4 hours before Hugh, Mary Ann, and Rita met us on the road. Needless to say I was very tired and we used some muscles walking down the mountain on the road that I haven't used for a while. Rita had a little bit of altitude sickness so she had not been feeling well so she had laid down and after her nap they came up to the cabin.

The view here is absolutely breathtaking in every direction you look and we are having a fantastic time. Mary Ann and Hugh are fantastic host and making sure that we are having a good time. Tomorrow morning we will go horseback riding by the cabin and stables and then we will be going to Linda's around 5:00PM for supper tomorrow evening.

I will be downloading pictures but it may not be until we get to a hotel on Friday or Saturday.

Love to you all!

Kathi & John

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