Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday, March 19th St. George to Snow Canyon Park to Zion

What a great day! This morning we checked out of the hotel and drove our car back to the St. George Visitor Center. We unloaded the bike and spent several hours biking on the beautiful bike trails that St. George has to offer. It is unbelievable how many paved bike trails that weave in and around St. George. While biking we stopped and spoke with a couple that had been walking on the trail and they recommended that we go to the Palms RV park to see about renting a place in St. George next winter for several months. Well, we have our name on the list but not certain if we will be able to get in or not. The gal at the Palms recommended that we check at the Rio Virgin complex and so we went there and spoke with Herb. He only rents out his units with a 1 year lease and if he can't get them all rented we would be able to get one for a couple of months then. He said to give him a call back in November. This is such a beautiful area and offers so many paved bike trails and hiking of all kinds. Mountains in every direction.

After that we drove out to the Snow Canyon Park (outside of St. George) and noticed that there are paved bike trails all the way out there and through out the park. It was extremely windy this afternoon so instead of biking John and I spent several hours hiking and climbing up and over rocks. It is a beautiful park. To all of our biking friends, if you want to bike some beautiful paved trails we would strongly recommend the St. George area. We only biked on a few and hope to come back to do some more exploring on there paved trails.

From there we headed up to Springdale, Utah where we are spending the evening. We stayed at the Bumbleberry Inn again. Tomorrow we are planning on biking in Zion and also do some hiking - John wants to do Angels Landing again - I will hike up to Scouts Landing and then wait for him to come back from Angel - Angel is definitely more than I can handle with the drop offs. We will probably also spend tomorrow night in Zion and then head towards Bryce Canyon on Sunday. We were told that Bryce Canyon got 3 feet of snow last Saturday.

So many times over the last month John and I have wondered what we did in our life to be able to deserve this type of a vacation. It has been wonderful and each day is a new wonderful adventure. We are definitely having a wonderful time together and getting to see so much of the southwest. We truly are blessed!

Happy Trails!

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