Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 26th Shopping in Moab to Canyonland and back to Moab

We slept in this morning as it was cloudy and rainy outside so we were not in any hurry to get out and about. Once we were up and dressed we went to Denny's for breakfast. After eating we sat there and read the newspaper. All of a sudden we both looked at each other and said wow, this must be what it is like to be retired. I don't think we have ever just sat around in a restaurant after we ate and read the paper. It is very nice!

From there we went downtown and did a little bit of shopping and then decided to head to Canyonland National Park where we spent the next 4 hours sight seeing and doing some hiking. By now the weather was a little better, still cloudy on and off and very windy but at least it was not raining!

Overall, we still had a great day! Tomorrow it is suppose to be nicer outside so we are hoping to bike the Potash paved road which is approx. 18 miles along the Colorado River.

One more day before we head towards Wisconsin - I am getting anxious to see our family and friends!

Happy Trails!

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