Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 18th -2010 Mesquite, Nevada to St. George, Utah

We woke up to a beautiful sunny morning in Mesquite and didn't bother to eat breakfast because we were still full from dinner last night. We put on our bike clothes and went biking and biked approx. 15 miles (all over Mesquite). We had to check out of the hotel so we went and cleaned up, loaded up, and headed towards St. George. While loading up the bike John had put the cable lock on the back bumper of the car and we ended up driving away without the bike cable lock. Approx. 20 miles down the road he remembered that he hadn't put it on the bike.
If you have never driven Highway I15 from Mesquite to St. George you are missing out on a beautiful scenic drive through the Virgin River Gorge. As we were driving I had mentioned to John that we should really go back and drive it again. Little did I know that we had left our bike cable lock back in Mesquite and when John remembered it we turned around and went back to Mesquite (Oasis Hotel) for the cable lock for our bike. Not really thinking that we would find it. When we got back there we found out that the cleaning lady had picked it up off the pavement and we were able to get it back. So we got to drive back through the Virgin River Gorge again.
We arrived in St. George, Utah around 2:00PM and went to the Visitor Center to find out if there were any paved biked trails in the area. The gentleman there gave us a map and told us that there are a number of beautifully paved bike trails around the St. George area. We were excited to get checked into our hotel and get on our biking clothes and get out and check out the bike paths. The sky was a beautiful blue and the temperature is in the mid 60's and we can see the beautiful snow capped mountains off in the distance. You couldn't ask for any better biking conditions and we had such a great time.
The bike trail was along the Virgin River and wound around the St. George area. We took a lot of pictures. On our ride we stopped and talked with one of the locals (very talkative older gentleman) and he suggested that we go to the "Pizza Factory" for supper as it was the best place around. He was right!
Tonight as we were walking back from the restaurant you could see the dark clouds moving in and the wind picking up. It may not be a good day for biking tomorrow (according to the weather forecast) so we may sleep and then pack up and head for Zion National Park and hopefully get to do some hiking. From there we will probably head to Bryce Canyon (however, we were told they got 3 foot of snow last Saturday) and then on to Moab, Utah.

Happy Trails!

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