Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday, March 14th, 2010 - Wickenburg to Surprise, AZ

We left Wickenburg (Lynn and Dick's) and headed towards Surprise, Arizona to spend the afternoon and evening with Dana and Bill Brown. They have their RV set up in the Happy Trails RV Park In Surprise, AZ. We met Dana and Bill at a bike rally some time ago and they had invited us to come and spend some with them if we were in the Surprise area.
Upon arrival, Bill and Dana informed us that we would be sleeping in their beautiful motor home. We got unpacked and spent some time visiting with them and finding out all about the area and the RV park. We went for a ride on their golf cart so they could show us the RV Park, the Community Center, and all the amenities that are offered if we were to rent a park model at Happy Trails. There are numerous park models that are available to rent for 1 to 3 months or however long you want. John and I were very impressed with all the things that there are to do in the park and also very impressed with the bike friendly area with bikes lanes all around the town.
Dana made a delicious lunch and then we all went out for a bike ride, which was really fun. There was very little traffic and the roads are paved and very well taken care of. John and I were very impressed with the area and will definitely take a look into possibly renting a condo or park model next winter for a few months. We love the excellent biking conditions with very little traffic. We actually bicycled within 10 miles of the White Tank Stables (this stable is run by John's sister and her husband (Mary Ann & Hugh Trabandt). Several years ago we went there with Paula, Larry, Lynn, and Dick and went horseback riding and was treated with a special cook out by our niece, Eve.
In the evening Dana had to go pick up her dog and I went along - we went in the golf cart and she gave me an additional tour of the area. John and I would have all kinds of things to do and clubs to join. They have woodworking clubs, hiking club, quilting club, scrapbook club, jewelry making club, exercise club (a fitness room to use at all times) along with tennis courts, pickle board court, pool, hot tubs, golf, etc. The home that we went to pick up their dog was very nice. The people have a $330,000 motor home along with a beautiful Arizona home that is located in Happy Trails.
That evening we spent more time visiting with Dana and Bill and then around 10:00 or so we called it a night. I felt bad because Dana had to get up to work the next morning at 5:00AM - she works from her home for Hallmark.

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