Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday, March 6th, 2010

This morning we had breakfast at the ranch and then John, Hugh, and I went down to the stables to feed the animals. The sun is shining and every where you look it is just so beautiful up there. When we first arrived at the stables the buffalo were not by the fence so Hugh honked the horn of his truck. A little while later here the buffalo came running down the mountain and into the corral to be fed. One of the buffalo that they have is just huge and yet seemed so graceful as he ran up to where the hay was. Yes, Paula - I was talking to the animals all week. lol

Around 10:00AM we loaded the truck up and headed back down the mountain. Once again, John and I sat in the back of the truck and just enjoyed the view.

Mary Ann, Rita, and I went to a part of the town called Old Colorado and did a little bit of window shopping and also went to a outdoor shop that sold all kinds of lawn ornaments and items like that. While we were gone John and Hugh went hiking up a trail that is a very short distance from Hugh and Mary Ann's home. Tonight Mary Ann and Hugh have invited us all out to a German restaurant for dinner. I am sure we will have a very good time.

Tomorrow morning John and I plan on going to the Royal Gorge and then on to New Mexico.

We miss you all!

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  1. Sounds wonderful. I can just picture all of this and enjoy the picture of the two of you riding in the back of the pickup. Freedom!
    I looked at the map and I was wrong about my geography. I knew where Mesa Verde was in relation to Colorado springs but I thought that Santa Fe was southwest of Mesa Verde. Enjoy your day.
    Love, Sharon