Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 5th, 2010 - Biking in Gardens of Gods and car ride up Pikes Peak

The first two picture are pictures taken almost at the top of Pike's Peak and the 3rd picture is at a trading post at the Garden of the Gods where we went biking.

Thursday morning John and I went to the Garden of Gods and unloaded the bicycle and spent several hours biking around the Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs. The sky was a little overcast but it was very nice bicycling and for our first time out on the bike we did pretty good. Although the terrain isn't very hilly we did huff and puff a little bit but really had a very enjoyable ride. We also stopped at the Garden of Gods trading post which was quite interesting.

Upon completion of the bicycle ride we decided to drive up to Pike's Peak. At this time of the year we were able to get approx. 18 miles up to the peak but the last mile was not open. We paid $20.00 for the entrance to the road and slowly winded our way up the mountain. I can tell you that I will never need to do that again. Once we got above the tree line I was absolutely terrified of the height and was very anxious to get back down. Of course, John totally enjoys the wide open spaces and the view. I basically sat in the car with my hands gripping the seat and was holding my breath as we continued on up the mountain on the switch backs. At one point John stopped the car and wanted to get out to look at the view and I told him absolutely not - lol. I had this horrible fear of the breaks on the car not holding. Needless to say I was very happy once we got back down the mountain. The funny thing is that every time we went up Cheyenne Mountain to Mary Ann and Hugh's stables and ranch John and I would sit in the back of the pickup truck and I really enjoyed the view as we climbed that mountain. I think it must be that going up to Pike's Peak we went way above the tree line and it is such a wide open space. Anyway, glad that is over with.

Once we arrived back at Mary Ann and Hugh's everyone packed up and we headed up Cheyenne Mountain to spend another night at the ranch. Mary Ann made a very delicious chicken chili and once again we had a very enjoyable meal and evening!

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  1. I know how you feel Kathi. I much would rather take the cog railway up Pikes Peak than take the car. The car is very scary. Bill has no problem driving though.